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Our main objective is to help the needy children in Kibera to achieve a better life and give them the right perspective for their future to reach their lifetime goals. St. Catherine has been on the road to realizing several sustainable projects of which some are in the progress but most are still in the future plans.


Reaganin Uriri>>> The St. Catherine Greenhouse Project

In the Year 2011, Peter Varnum, (a volunteer then) picked Pastor James’ idea of making St. Catherine food secure by picking on an agricultural project. The main aim of this was to reduce dependency on food donations from well-wishers. Therefore Peter suggested that he could raise money for the greenhouse project in the USA this was to involve the purchase of a 2 Acre piece of land in Uriri which is close to Migori. According to the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute ( K.A.R.I)  analyses, the soil was considered fertile and fit for any agricultural activity, In addition to two sources of water that supply the farm. The harvest from the farm would be sold to the local market for St. Catherine to get a revenue for managing its current assets including paying its employees and settling some bills. There are also plans to move the children’s home to Uriri to distinct the orphanage from the school in addition to giving them a better, free and healthy environment devoid of social malpractices. This will further down the vision of opening up a Training and Capacity Building Centre at Uriri for self-sustainability of the children and the young people that we will be serving. Peter created a website for the Greenhouse project. Please visit the website on http://stcgreenhouse.com/Home.html


Fishponds>>> The Fish Farming

Due to availability of much water at the land, St. Catherine decided to make maximum use of every available resource at the farm and therefore the excess water from the different sources at the farm could be channeled to fish ponds at the lower end of the farm. Each pond could be equipped with 1000 species of Tilapia Nilotica. This particular type of fish has a huge demand both locally and internationally, and a plan by the government to  construct a fish processing and packaging industry in Rongo, a  nearby town which is about 20 minutes drive North East of the farm. There are two neighbouring fish farmers from whom we borrow the experience in terms of achievements and challenges. .



Classes 2-4 and orphans>>> Construction of the Boys’ Dormitories and Classes 2 – 4

There is a plan to reconstruct the building/structure that houses classes 2 – 4 and the orphaned boys’ resting rooms.  The structure is currently in a very pathetic and critical condition. It gets wet whenever it rains and gets even weaker as the days count. It requires about USD 12 000 to reconstruct a proper building for creating acceptable learning and living conditions.

>>> REALISED<<<.




Orphans>>> St. Catherine Children’s Home and Training Centre – Uriri

Kibera is an area that is as prone to political social malpractices as was vastly experienced in the 2007 post-election unrest. It is from this aspect that so many children become emotionally affected in addition to the prevailing economic hardships one is forced to venture into criminal acts. Therefore in its vision of bringing up responsible citizen, St. Catherine is currently working on the prospects of constructing a Children’s home and a Vocational Training Centre in Uriri District of Migori County next to the St. Catherine farm. However, this will be an extension to the St. Catherine Children and Educational Centre in Kibera. This project will cater for the senior orphans who will have graduated from primary to high school so that they will be attending high schools within Uriri as they learn the life skills in the farm. In addition the training centre will provide divergent professional skills which will include but not limited to Art and Design, Beauty and Fashion, Computer Training, Counseling and Hair Dressing. This is due to the fact that the world is also dynamic and therefore this will offer a larger platform professionally for the St. Catherine Community.

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